About Us

Company Mission

Always comply with construction standards
Making the latest technology our capability
QLASSIC standards as a guide to the quality of our work
Comply with safety standards for occupational well-being and the general public

Company Vision

Become an able bumiputra construction contractor compete on the international stage with service quality the best

Core Value


We always practice a transparent and honest work process with all parties involved so that it is easy to understand and share avoid any misunderstanding or doubt.


We are always committed to performing our duties fully responsibility, comply with work culture ethics, be professional and respect all parties dealing with us.


We constantly improve our knowledge, skills and capabilities technology to create a more efficient and efficient work system the direction of improving the quality of service delivery to customers.


We attach great importance to 'results'. Every result we get symbolizes our efforts and actions. Achievements just keep coming with effort and sacrifice.


Everything we do is for the freedom of our family. We believe, a good business will give us freedom to choose a good way of life.